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No stress…No worries

Posted by on apr 27, 2013

Norway Cup April 2013 The O-season opening in Norway for my part, sprint-O in...

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Sprint, tough start, small margins

Posted by on apr 21, 2013

Danish sprint Champs Fanø: The Sprint Champs were not suppose to be my first...

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Bergen Sprint Cup 2013

Posted by on feb 3, 2013

Bergen Sprint Camp 2013: Technique, new sprint maps, good competition and speeches

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Tisvilde Hegn OK best in Denmark once again

Posted by on okt 12, 2012

Last chance for a Danish championship in orienteering in 2012. So far I have...

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Footy Grandfinal, kangaroos and AUS sprint champs in Tasmania

Posted by on okt 7, 2012

It’s not everyday you get an invite to an AFL Grandfinal from a mate...

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European Champs 2012 Mora – Qualification races

Posted by on maj 18, 2012

The first important race in the Danish National jersey in 2012 are over. I was...

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Danish Championships spring 2012 – Mr. Silver

Posted by on apr 21, 2012

Spring means Danish Championships in sprint, ultralong and night...

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