Why Just Go... When You Can RunO


Rune Olsen was born with orienteering in the blood, conceived at O-ringen and participated in the first O-event as a toddler in a pram.

Orienteering has been a part of his life since the early days and is still his big passion. He has travelled in more than 40 countries with and without maps, lived in four and worked for a longer period in three and lived outside his home country for more than five years.

When he is not enjoying the fantastic nature around Oslo he is joggling with numbers at PwC and showing clients withing Financial Services (Bank, Insurance & Asset Management) how to get fast and proper through the accounting and law jungle.

Giv him a map and he is Magic….. Give him a Tie and he will fly


Personal data:
Born:  6 marts 1978 (DK)
Weight: 72 kg
Height: 184 cm
Place of residence: Oslo - Norway

1998 - Gratuated from Frederiksværk Gymnasium

2000 – HA-MAT (MØK) – BSc in Business Administration and Management Science
- Copenhagen Business School (CBS), Denmark

2002 – Cand.marc.aud – MSc in Business Administration and Auditing
- University og Gothenburg, Sweden (School of Business and Law)
- Monash University Melbourne, Australia
- Copenhagen Business School, Denmark



Music: Pop/rock

  • Kylie Minogue
  • Rasmus Seebach
  • D.A.D
  • Medina
  • David Guetta



  • Gladiator
  • The Firm
  • Wallstreet
  • Matrix
  • Top Gun



  • Steak & Pasta
  • Grill / BBQ
  • Gourmet

& Drinks

  • Faxe Kondi (Mountaind Dew)
  • Mathilde Kakao (Choco Milk)



  • Running
  • Cross-X Skiing
  • Hiking
  • MTB
  • Travel


Fun facts:

  • Has a state of the art waffle maker
  • Has the record for running fastest up the PwC building in Oslo
  • Can eat Nutella Banana Sandwich and drink hot Choco any time anywhere
  • Is an expert in strange injuries, they come as fast a they go