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Danish spring 2014 – European Orienteering Champs Portugal 2014 selection races

Danish spring 2014 – European Orienteering Champs Portugal 2014 selection races

For the first races of the year you are always a little anxious about the shape and your navigation skills. I have good memories from all the venues to be used for this year season opener – a silver medal from the 2012 Danish sprint champs in Helsingør and a lot of fantastic orienteering memories from one of the nicest forest in Denmark – Tisvilde Hegn.

Physically I know I’m on the right track with many training hours under the belt, including both XC-skiing and running, though the only unknown is how well will I keep up in the terrain. The snow in Oslo have made it difficult to run in the terrain, though I have had a lot of good interval session this winter in the gym, at Bislett and up the step hills sounding Oslo. The terrain part of the sprint and the forest races in Tisvilde are going to be fast, not EOC fast, but very runable compared to Norwegian terrain, so hopefully the lack of running in terrain would not sett me back too much.


I’m familiar with the area from the 2012 Danish spring Champs, the biggest challenge is to keep a high speed and pick the right route through the building (convention centre). The plan was to get a good felling with the map from the beginning and then push hard on the pace. I didn’t feel supersonic and almost lost it on the way to 3rd when I navigated towards 12th instead – lost 7 sec compared to fastest split. The pavement around the convention centre turned out to be very slippery, so quickly decided to avoid the slippery surface as much as possible. Hence I went the long way around south of the building towards 9th it turned out that the northern route choice was 12 sec faster. Not optimal route to 8th and 10th including a small error at 18th (wrong direction out of 17th) the result was a shared 5th place 15 sec behind Øystein Kvaal Østerby who won. I didn’t expect to be able to do a clean race but was hoping that the navigation was sharper.

Results: http://obasen.orientering.se/winsplits/online/dk/default.asp?page=table&databaseId=29692&categoryId=0

Map via TracTrac: http://www.danishspring.dk/results/


Middle and Long:

Even though I haven’t raced in Tisvilde Hegn for many years I know the challenge which lies ahead and how to tackle it – a good boost for the self-confidence. Always a little nervous about the fitness and this time especially about the navigation skills, as my o-training in 2014 have been very limited.



The task was to do a race with focus on the navigation and avoid time loss in the vague flat areas. The legs didn’t feel superfast but wasn’t so worried about that. Lost time in the middle part 9-11 as I wasn’t consequent enough and slacked on the navigation. Even though the map was screaming that the 18th control would be difficult in the flat vague areas I lost time on this leg and was 41 sec behind the best split. Ended as 11th 1:13 behind.  The speed seems to be okay even on a day when it didn’t feel easy.


Results middle: http://obasen.orientering.se/winsplits/online/dk/default.asp?page=table&databaseId=29721&categoryId=0

Map via TracTrac: http://www.danishspring.dk/results/



The start was in the vague area along the dunes, hence the tactic was to be very cautious in the beginning and save the power for the long legs. Was very careful at 3rd and as I lost the direction exiting 2nd control I decided to use the small path as attackpoint, the wobbly orienteering meant I lost almost a min to the best split. I did regular miss at 5th as i drifted to the right and ran to a wrong control. This meant that Fredric Portin who started 2mns behind, had my back towards 6th control. We were together until the butterfly with Fredric taking the lead, we has a little stronger than me on the roads though I felt stronger in the terrain. I just missed the first control by a few meters in the long butterfly loop. Pushed on the rest of the butterfly but was a little defensive running around to 20th. Saw Fredric behind me as I exited 21st. As I was a little of the bearing to 22nd I got around. One again I was struggling a bit on the roads but could lose the gaps in the terrain. We were together the rest of the way, once again I got an indication that the speed is good enough but I need more orienteering training to feel confident in the terrain.

Results Long: http://obasen.orientering.se/winsplits/online/dk/default.asp?page=table&databaseId=29731&categoryId=0

Map via TracTrac: http://www.danishspring.dk/results/

 An article from a local danish newspaper can be found here:  http://gribskovavisen.dk/index.php/nyheder/tisvildeleje/rune-olsen-udtaget-til-europamesterskaberne/

Hopefully the results are good enough to convince the National coach that I need a spot on the Danish 2014 EOC team. I’m not going to get a lot of terrain running or orienteering races in the book over the next couple of weeks, so I have to make the most of it, and if I land in Portugal, be so rested as possible and be ready to learn quickly.

Link European Orienteering Championships 2014: www.eoc2014.fpo.pt

2014 Danish Spring Long

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