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Møn a Danish beauty

Møn a Danish beauty

Precious metal weekend in Denmark
Once again – I as an orienteer had the pleasure of running at Møn in “Klinteskoven” one of the best orienteering terrains in Denmark.
My medal statistic from Møn in the four Danish Champs I have races there, counts two gold medals and one silver, so I packed the bag and flew south with a good feeling.

I haven’t felt fantastic the last couple of weeks but have trained more clever and up to the Danish middle distance champs so the shape should be good and with a bit more orienteering under the belt the navigation skill should be on a rising trend.

Danish Relay Champs:
My first senior gold medal was in relay back in 2002 with the two orienteering celebrities Thomas Jensen and Carsten Jørgensen. Last time I was the “junior” playing with the big boys. This time I was in the drivers seat running last leg.

Based on history an many years of routine our aim were a medal and if all the stars were right the hopes were for gold. The tactic was set all the old text book maneuvers as
“morfar tricket “, “bom-finten” and “the paddle trick” was in play.


PAN Århus did three good consistent races and was untouchable, but the fight for the remaining medals were within reach. My older “brothers” didn’t have the best journey in the forest and did a few detours, so I had something to work with on last leg.

I went out in forth position with a 4-5 min gap to the runners in 3rd an 2nd and with Tue 30 sec behind.

Started okay but with a slightly longer split on 3 and a non optimal route to fourth I was together with Tue. I had a slightly shorter split on 8th and got a little gap but not enough to get out of sight. We had the same splits for the rest of the course but took different route choices here and there. I lost 5-10 sec going right to 15th but had Tue in sight and could close the gap towards 17th. 19 looked like the deciding leg, for me the right route choice looked best so when Tue slowed a bit up the hill I pushed the pace and went right…. I was wrong, the right option was slightly longer, with a steeper downhill section an as I got a little stuck in some green near the marsh and on the way up the hill Tue got out of sight. I gambled on the last leg and went straight and lost some time so Tue was gone and the Bronze was in the hands of the Tisvilde boys.

Long distance:
I knew my pace would be good enough to fight for the gold so the plan was to go for a good pace from the start.

I hesitated a bit on both first and second without loosing much time.
Made a bad mistake at 6th, I contoured the hill from 5th and hit the green but didn’t see any gap, and at the same time I saw Søren & Søren running down the hill – i was sure they had punched the control and it would be a little further up the hill. I spend 90 sec too much before I ran down the hill and found the control – merde!


I pushed the pace and felt a stretch in my right hamstring SHIT! It didn’t feel good eased of the power and tried to persuade myself that it wasn’t that bad and I just had to continue an see what would happen… No trouble up the hill to 8th, actually got the best split on this control, but felt the barstard on the road to 9th and 10th but was it that bad? Decided to try to push harder again what could go wrong? Had the best split on the long ‘running’ legs to 11th, 16th and 23rd so obviously it wasn’t too bad I was just winching :-)

Lost time on 12th trying to take the shortcut through the green, and the other way around on 15th were I was too afraid of the under vegetation.

Then the shit hit the fan at 26th where I lost 2 min out the drain MERDE, was sure that was the chance for a gold, for a medal out of the window, and I lost some of the concentration and lost time on the short legs in the end.

The ladder in the end showed a third place, have to be happy with that after a technical too poor race. Have admire the job Tue did out there 14,9K with 32 controls and the Biggest mistake was 10-20 sec… He was the right winner.


Ended with two Bronze medals for the trophy room – precious metal after all so can complain to much – I loved the forest that was definitively worth the Danish Champs! And thanks to the organizers for great courses and organization.





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  1. Sounds like you all have had a good race. Despite a few technical “bommerter” you can be proud of your achievements :)

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