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Nordic trouble

Nordic trouble

First round of NORT, should suit me well and I have looked forward to this sprint race in Oslo. I have been troubled with a cold and a soar achilles the last couple of weeks.

The body definitively felt better than last w-end in Skien, so I believed I could do a good race when I stood at the start gate.

First real challenge was the leg to 3rd – and I felt that the body didn’t respond as normal and I wasn’t able to push hard. As the splits shows the speed was not there today and the bottom line was a 41st place –  on a day with a good technical race it’s very disappointing. I know I’m good for more than that.

Though it was great to see that we had four runners in top 6 – I’m sure the Danish dynamite will make some noise in the following races as well!

I will treat my achilles and try to fully recover from my cold, hence I will not race the middle tomorrow, but save the energy for the sprint in Sweden on Tuesday.

Map Sprint

Results Sprint

Nordic Orienteering Tour home page: http://www.nordicorienteeringtour.com/

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  1. Jeg har aldrig hørt om nogen der lider så meget af forkølelse som dig, og jeg har aldrig hørt om nogen der drikker så meget varm kakao som dig! Tilfældigt?
    Giv den gas de næste afdelinger;-)

    • Gir det ikke sig selv? Jeg har ikke drukket nok Hot Choco på det seneste :-)

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