Why Just Go... When You Can RunO

Sprint, tough start, small margins

Danish sprint Champs Fanø:
The Sprint Champs were not suppose to be my first competition for the year, but as I from Easter and going forward have felt tired I skipped the Danish night champs for a w-end with 800 PwC work mates at Trysil, which I don’t regret.

For the last two years the preparation for the Sprint & Long DEN champs W-end have been a long XC-skiing tour over 130k with a bunch of PwC adventures from Geilo to Kikut (eventyr løypa).

Due to the early Easter this year we have to abandon the plan to repeat the adventure.

Instead I ended up on a 64k loop from Kikut -> Geilo -> Prestholt -> Haugastøl -> Tuva -> Kikut. It was pure Champagne weather with blue sky, high sun and perfect groomed tracks, and with fantastic company this trip is rated as one of my best XC-tours to date and it’s going to be hard to top.

With the lack of speed works the last couple of weeks and my uncertainties about my running shape I decided to go all in and by new lightweight shoes…

Sometimes changes is that last thing there make the difference from winning and the following places. So the big question were would the preparation be enough to take me back to the top of the podium?

Could I change the negative trend from the last couple of years Danish sprint champs, from 2008 and forward the merits are 2 , 3 , 5 , 1 & 2 in 2012.

The Race:
The plan was to go hard from the start and cross the fingers for the shape was good enough to last the distance. O-ing wise the plan was to do it simple and go round instead of zig zag’ing on the small narrow streets.

I started all right and stuck with the plan. Though lost time on 4th (4 sec) going right and 2 sec at 7th as I did’t read ahead and missed the small passage. After the map change I took the right route choice and knew immediately that this was a mistake and had to speeded up, in sprint there is no turning back when you are at full speed I lost 3 sec on this mistake. I went right on the 2nd last control, I didn’t see the small path which made the right route shortest, but hardly anyone did so no time lost to the best. I lost 3 sec to the last control partly due to overshooting the road and poor punching performance, those sec was crucial, the margin in sprint are small and I ended up 3 sec behind Tue, and added another silver to the one I captured in 2012.

Ultra long champs:
Not surprisingly I had another silver medal to defend. If I was unsure about my shape for the sprint, it was nothing compared to the uncertainties about my terrain running abilities. Due to the fact that there is still full snow cover in the terrain in Oslo I haven’t been in the terrain in 2013 except for a week in Turkey in February.

I started out in ‘Easy’ pace with focus on the navigation. The plan was to go harder on the easy running leg on roads or easy terrain due to the lack of terrain training. I took an inconsistent route choice to 5 and lost time going to straight to 10 as well as I lost time in the circle. I attacked both 12 and 13 by going around to save climb, but made the controls more difficult and lost time misinterpreting the map especially on 13. Did bad route choices on both 19 and 20 and with mistakes at 22 and 30 and a big time loss 3 mns as I tried to avoid the ‘lake’ on the way to 25th. I finished as 9th the worst result for some years in a Danish Champs.

Going forward, the shape is better than I thought, I haven’t lost that much terrain feeling as I feared so I’m more confident than before the races and are looking. forward to the O-season starts in Norway next week and the snow finally is melting in Oslo.

Why just go when you can RunO




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