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European Champs 2012 Mora – Qualification races

European Champs 2012 Mora – Qualification races

The first important race in the Danish National jersey in 2012 are over. I was selected to run the Long and Sprint at EOC 2012. The training has been decent the last couple of weeks though I had a setback after the Danish Night Champs due to not enough sleep a couple of days in a row. I missed my flight back to Oslo due to a 1,5 hour train delay due to a faulty signal 500m from the airport …

A low training volumen and a few days with many intervalls was the plan to get the body back into speed.

I arrived in Orsa late Friday evening where the Danish team was waiting – awesome to catch up with the Danish O-boys and O-girls again.


The races I have done this spring in tough/stony Scandinavian terrain has shown that my running abilities in this type of terrain is not a good as it used to be. Normaly I have trainned in terrain throughout the winter but due to all the snow in Oslo this winter I hardy haven’t trainned in terrain except for a week in Portugal in early March. Last year around same time as now and this year around Easter I have trained in the terrain around Mora. Most areas has been very runable and without a lot of rocky ground, hence I haven’t been so conserned about the few hours of training in terrain.

Long distance qualification – Hökberg 2012-05-14
Tha plan was to go easy from the start and get a good map contact, select the easy route choices and good attackpoints. I lost the map contact just before the second control and had to make a few extra stop. Then tried to push harder on the next couple of legs. Have looke a  lot on the old map and the leg to 5′th control was no surprise, the plan was to go around the hill. Lost too much height out of 4′th control and got a few meters extra climb on the road. Didn’t check the compass good enough aiming for the wrong vegetation boundary up the hill and lost some time. Told myself that the 7′th and 8′th control would be the most important controls on the course. Spend extra time selecting the route and decided to stay in the semi open as long as possible before attacking 7′th control. Got it without trouble via the depression and yellow area. For 8′th control the plan was to attack from the vegetation boundary 250m before the control, and I stuck to the plan so far, but from there the shit hit the fan. The runnability got worse and I couldn’t see the open forest area before the control. I ran into an area with a lot of rocks and started to search for the control 100m to early. Decided to go up to the cliff for a new bearing when I didn’t locate the control. Thought I was just west of the control and went back into the same area. I the end I relocated at the vegetation boundary but that was too late and I had lost more than 8 mns. Did another 1,5 mns mistake at the next control and new time was up. Even though I tried to push on the last couple of controls but the focus was gone.

This was clearly not a A-final race, not a good race to start Championship week with.

Map  and Results

Sprint qualification – Stadsparken Falun 2012-05-15
I knew the long & sprint combination would be tough, but still the legs felt okay and I was confident that a controlled race would give med a good EOC 2012 Sprint Qualificationposition in the A-final. We knew the start would be in the forest – hence the plan was to go very easy in the beginning and again slow down if we had more controls in the forest later on. The plan worked well and I was in second position at 3′rd control. But O-no the shit hit the fan again! Due to the long course and fast running time we were sure that there wouldn’t be any long route choices around building etc., hence when I glanced at the map and route for 4′th I have told my self that fore sure I just had to go straight at full speed….. That decision meant a 38 sec time loss compared to the fastest split. My brain told me that I might had lost 20 sec. But I realised the magnitude of the mistake when I saw Mattias Karlsson who started 1 mns behind leaving 5′th control. Now the plan changed to push hard and navigate hard. I managed well on the last part of the course in the urban area, except for a time loss at 10 (lost time going over the hill in the small forest path), 12 (bad angle out of the control) and 14 (read the wrong leg).

I was really nervous when I finished and as I started first it was a long wait before the last runner finished. The final result gave med a 15′th position – inside the A-final with 3 sec! The EMIT punch technique course by Christian Bobach on Tuesday, for sure gained me half a second per control, so that might have been the difference!

Map and Results

I have decided not to run the long B-final on Friday, and instead save the power for the sprint final on Saturday. I’m confident that I have made the mistake meant for this week now and the two rest days mean the my legs will be on fire on Saturday….

Remember to tune in on SVT 1 around 13:30 for the live transmission or check out the streaming at http://www.eoc2012.se/competitions/final-sprint/

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