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Danish Championships spring 2012 – Mr. Silver

Danish Championships spring 2012 – Mr. Silver

Spring means Danish Championships in sprint, ultralong and night orienteering!

This year I planned to participate in all the three champs. For me it was the first serious races for the year where the result were  more important than a good performance.

The training has been okay without any major setback due to illness, though I have had my share of small injuries with a bad sprained ankle on the training camp in Portugal in late February and trouble with my foot over the winter.

So I was going into the all the races with a winning attitude, though the results were not quite as good as I hoped for, as I could travel back to Oslo with three silver medals. For more about the individual races see below.

Danish Night Championship – Stenderup

It was a cold dark night….

This years Danish Night Champs was to take place in Stenderup near Kolding in Southern Jutland, last time I ran in this forest was for the Danish Long distance Champs in 2002.

I haven’t done too many night-O events this year due to the snow cover in Oslo until late March, but had a chance to do a night training on the Danish National teams EOC preparation camp in Mora at Easter time. As a brush up on the Night-O technique  I ran a Tio-night training with Bækkelaget this Thursday, though only at low pace, not to use too much power and to make sure i didn’t injure my self in the tough terrain around Sandbakken.

The race:
The plan was to run safe from the start choosing easy route choices, so I at the same time could keep a good pace. I executed very badly as I lost time on four out of the first five controls and found my self almost two and a half minute behind the leader. From here I got a better flow in the navigation and the conservative tactic of easy route choices and avoiding dense forest paid of and i slowly gained on the leaders. Could not quite interpret the map at 16th and lost time picking and exiting the control, and lost time 21st and 22nd due to hesitation. Claus lost time on 23rd but I have to settle with another silver medal the third in the collection this spring.

For the first time at a Danish Campionship there was live tracking at the arenaTracking via Trac Trac

Results via winsplits
See map

Danish ultralong championships – Jægerspris

The legs felt fine from yesterday and the plan was to go hard from the start. The forest is this time of the year open and without too much undergrowth so the plan was to go straight as much as possible.

Started out with losing a little minute on the first control (didn’t think it was that bad out in the forest). I stocked to the tactic and went straight on almost all legs. Lost time on a few of the long legs as it were better to stick more to the roads as the ground was soft and sucked out energy. Started to feel the toll on the body around 28th control more road running would probable had made my legs feel better, though I stocked to the plan even on the last part of the course. My biggest time loss except for the first control was as I had to tie my shoe laces on the way to 18th control, and it took some time with cold fingers and high heart rate. Gained a little on Søren Bobach in the end of the course but couldn’t challenge his comfortable lead, so another silver medal to the 2012 colleciton.

Results via winsplits

Map part 1
Map part 2

Danish Sprint championships – Helsingør

As reigning champion on the sprint distance I was keen to do a good race. Over the last month i have had a handful of good interval session with Tue Lassen at the indoor track at Bislett, so I know the speed was okay and felt confident.

My tactic was to use ‘all’ the time I needed to pick the best route choice before I exited a control even when I have not had a chance to read ahead. Second the plan was to take it easy on the legs which were expect on the steep slope towards the railway.

I was focused from the start and did a good job in the beginning except a small detour on the way to 6th control. Had the feeling that i did not ran fast enough pushed the pace towards 12th, the result was that I did not see the gap in the fence and lost time exiting the control. It turned out to be a long sprint and I lost the concentration a couple of times in the end. Did not get the right angle out of 20th control and did not pick the best route exiting 23rd.

As usual in this type of sprint races the margins between the runners in the top of the result board were small. This time I did not have the margin on my side and got beaten by 3 seconds by Tue Lassen so last years gold medal was switched with a silver medal.

Analysing the race – I lost a lot of time not being aggressive in the steep slopes and lost 9 sec on both 4th and 11th control. Lesson learned – don’t go ‘easy’ as the time runs fast in a sprint.

Results via winsplitsonline 

See map

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