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Night Orienteering

Night Orienteering

Location: Grenå Plantage (DEN),

The winter is over and with that the night O-season as well. Though with Tiomila looming in the near future, Night-O is still high priority for another couple of weeks.

I spend the last couple of days in Finspång on a Tiomila preparation camp with Bækkelaget. For me there were only night-o on the menu, due to a soar knee from a bruise at Spring Cup and Eliteserien.

The two night-o trainings in difficult terrain was good preparation navigation wise for the Danish Night-O champ the following evening. The Camp included a Tiomila selection race Friday evening on a course from Kolmården Kavlen 2009. The course was planned as a day leg, so we where challenged navigation wise in the cold dark night. I got a good feeling navigation wise, and most of my time were due to a misunderstanding concerning the control codes on the EMIT stands. The selection race was a good reminder about how important the technique and compass are at night.

Very early the next morning I flew from Norrkjöping to Copenhagen and from here I went straight to Jutland for the Danish Night O Champs in Grenå Plantation.

The agenda this time was 15.3k in a flat forest with simple navigation. My tactic was to make it simple and ran around the as much as possible.

I made a few ½ mns mistakes and lost around a minute on 24’Th otherwise my biggest time loss was when I had to find the 2’nd last control and the way home without light. I tried to make it as simple as possible but unfortunately someone had placed a few big rocks at the edge of parking area on my way to the last control and in the dark dark forest I managed to run straight into it with my left knee. The Head lamp defect stunt did set me 1½ mns back, but didn’t influence my placing, just the training the next couple of days.

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