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Danish Champs W-end

Danish Champs W-end

After 1½ month where I have gone from one problem to another ranging from food poisoning, a sprained ankle, an asthma diagnosis to an unmoveable knee and the compulsory follow on troubles, which means that I haven’t done any fast sessions except the competitions I have competed in. Hence I was really unsure of my leg speed and form leading up to this w-end.

Danish Long Distance Champs Krengerup 25 April 2010 – Mass start

My plan was to go hard from the start to be sure I was with the lead after the three loops (Motela forking) and then hope there was power enough in the tank to make it home on the last long loop. The tactic more or less worked as I was in the lead with companionship with Rasmus Søes (who had the same order on the 3 loops and lead me the way where I hesitated or made mistakes) as we were in the lead after each of the three loops. I made mistakes at 3′rd and 20′th (around a minute in total). Rasmus then had the lead the way until 27’th where we both lost time (I 60 secs and  Ramus 2:15). Hence I got a 1 min lead, Rasmus was caught by the chasing pack with Tue & Rene with Rasmus Djurhuus about 15 sec behind chasing them. The decider was the long leg to 31’st. I went for the straight option and the rest of the boys took the wide northern track option which was just over ½ a min faster. Rasmus Djurhuus got contact with me on 32’nd. He took the road around to 33 and gained 20 meters. And as I ran for the wrong butterfly loop to start with, and lost a minute and Djurhuus was gone. I was feeling tired by now but kept the same pace as Djurhuus, and was able to narrow the gap as Djurhuus made mistakes in the end and I got a glimpse of him before 44’th were I saw him 30 sec ahead of me on the road. I finished 32 sec behind Djurhuus and had a gap on just 2 mns to Rasmus Søes who took the Bronze.
Danish Sprint Champs – Nyborg Vold 24 April 2010

A nice surprice, the body was responding better than I had feared and I opened in high pace and was leading with 6 sec at 4’th control (10 sec faster than Mikkel Lund the Winner). Did a mistake (13 sec behind fastest split) at 5’th when I changed my route choice after running a few steps in the other direction and took a poor route to 7’th as I climbed over the rampart (12 sec behind fastest split: running along the lake on the eastern side below the rampart). My last mistake was going to 11’th as I misread the position of the tower and drifted to the left (14 sec behind fastest split). Have to be happy with my speed had 3 fastest splits and 13 splits where I was among the three fastest (out of 21 controls). Ended fifth 11 sec from the silver position and 27 sec behind the winner.

Happy to see my two Bækkelaget SK team mates (Mikkel Lund & Tue Lassen) were one and two from the top, when I could deliver a good race.

The good news was that the body felt better than feared, the results as expected but not as good as I hoped for.

Now the focus is on Tiomila with Bækkelaget SK with me on the long night leg and Eliteserien in Norrköping on Friday.

Check out maps and results.

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