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DEN Selection trials WOC 2010

DEN Selection trials WOC 2010


Since 1 May my base has been in Oslo. The focus has been on improving my running skills in the tough Nordic terrain as well as my navigation skills. It has been tough period, but beneficial. The conversion to tough Norwegian terrain has not left me with out marks. I have had a few close encounters between my knees and Norwegian rocks. Hence I haven’t been able to do any proper interval sessions in the last 1-1½ month, but have been able to put in some faster uphill running and stair intervals.

NORT and Jukola with Bækkelaget
together with the national coach, I decided to do the NORT (Nordic Orienteering Tour) even tough it would be without fresh legs due to the hard training period just before.

The legs finally loosened a bit before Jukola, and I ran with a big surplus of energy, unfortunately a bad route choice and a mistake half way left me some minutes behind. I was able to speed up and gain close a couple of minutes of the lost time on the last part of the course, but more than three minutes behind around 23 position is not good enough. From Tiomila we knew that we had a great team and our goal was top 10, but also that a good performance by all of us could lift us even higher. Due to mistakes and injuries we ended as 13’th team, still a decent result.

WOC Selection races:

My focus have been on preparing my self so good as possible for the Long test race in Verdal in early July. Due to the knee trouble I had to shift some of my focus from the sprint, and only did one good sprint training with Rasmus Søes, Mikkel Lund and Maja & Zenia leading up to the test races, where I got a god response technically. Looking back I have to admit that I trained too much between Jukola and the last NORT stages and between NORT and the selection trials. Running at an odd hour at Jukola and the lack of sleep is somehow always more demanding that I presume. Hence I wasn’t fully rested before the trials which I felt on the in the middle and long distance races in the demanding terrain.

It was expected that the sprint would be long, hence my plan was to start ‘easy’ and focus on the navigation, it worked well though I was still 4′th at control 4. The focus was on the long legs, and the plan was to carefully select the best route choice and push hard, which also worked well have 3′rd best split on both the long legs even though I lost 3-5 sec missing the last turn before 9′th control.  As for the last couple of races I had to take pain kills to be able to run properly (bend the leg more than 90 degrees) due to consecutive smashing of my right knee into Norwegian rock (before Jukola, before the WC in Raufoss and on the WC in Raufoss – guess it takes more than 2 month to learn to stay upright in Norwegian terrain ;-). I did 2 mistakes and three bad route choices. Lost time (5 sec) on the route to 5′th, as I not as planned ran straight down the slope as there was to much scrub in the terrain, hence the right route around the house was faster. lost 3-5 sec on the way to 9′th as I missed the turn between the houses. Didn’t see the passage to 12′th and lost 5 sec going around the house. lost some 5 sec as I lost the  map contact to 17′th and searched to early. On the route to 20′th it was 7 sec faster going more straight. All in all the speed matched the best, but I made a too many mistakes (approx 25 sec) and with 35 sec behind Kvaal who did a good race with a small time loss on the long leg to 9′th,  it was enough for 8′th place.

See map and results.

: The middle was never important for me due to the strange Danish selection system (The philosophy of having the best possible team with the best runners don’t count for the Danish team anymore – as the only team in the world?) where two runners are preselected based on their Junior results and Tue Lassen have proved that he deserved the 3′rd spot. Hence the plan was to focus on the navigation and safe some power for the long distance. The plan felt apart on the way to first control, as I missed 45 sec due to an unmapped watercourse junction which sent me too far down the hill. I got a little stressed and with another big mistake at 4′th, I couldn’t help to work a little more with the speed. With a very bad route choice to 10′th where I lost 1½ mns the race could not be saved. I got company with Christian Christensen. After the arena passage CC took the lead and I never got it back. Lesson learned: There is no easy races, you need to focus even though your not going fast!

See map part 1, map part 2 and results.
: The focus for the test races has been on the long distance and with the good result on the sprint I had the backpack full of confidence. The plan was to go easy from the start, but not too easy as the first 1/3 was expected to go in fast open marshy terrain and the last 2/3 in terrain similar to the middle distance. I knew the long legs, the butterfly and the last 20 mns of the course would be crucial. We (the BSK gang) expected that all legs except the long legs more or less would be fastest so close to the line as possible, so the tactic was easy.

It was a fantastic start, straight out in some awesome terrain, even though I started maybe a little to easy. Did a stupid 2 mns mistake at 4′th as I dropped to much going out of 3′rd control. Hesitated a lot on the semi long leg to 8′th and tried to go over the hill, but finally decided to go round, lost 45 sec or so on not being consequent.

Got Company with Olle Kärner, and due to the terrain and that on all the shorter legs the best route was on or close to the line we only separated on the long legs with slightly different route choices. The legs were not feeling as good as I expected and I had a feeling that I was not running fast enough. I’m still not 100 % best friend with the terrain which might influence the speed as well as my dodgy knee. Was focused on not making any mistakes in the end and at the same time not drop too much in speed. Managed well except a ½ min time loss on last control, before I realised it was the same as yesterday.

Have to be impressed by the times clocked by the locals, this show how important it is to train in specific terrain.

See map and results.
WOC 2010 – Trondheim

No WOC of me, even though I won two out of three selection races – unfortunately the selectors’ valuation of my races are that they will not be sufficient to qualify for a A-Final!!!

Hence I’m not going to experience the great sunset in Trondheim. At least the car trip to Trondheim meant a stop over in the world heritage listed Røros, for a rhubarb cake and a Hot choco, so the trip was not totally waste of time.

Though would have been nice to know beforehand that we didn’t ran for a WOC place, a few of us might not have made the 2 times 8+ hours car trip. Unfortunately our head coach is not world Champion in Communication…..

Strange to experience that Denmark (as the only team?) is not sending the strongest possible team to a World Champs – never heard of that before!

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