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Birken – nothing is as bad as it not good for something

Posted by on mar 16, 2014

In Norway everyone knows about "Birken" or Birkebeinerrennet a 54k classic style cross-country skiing race from Rena to Lillehammer. Approximately 18 000 skiers participate in the race an fight for the "merke", a prize pin for the top 20% or so in each age class. Rumours are that you are not a good Norwegian skier before you accomplice a merke in Birken.

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Møn a Danish beauty

Posted by on sep 15, 2013

Precious metal weekend in Denmark Once again – I as an orienteer had the pleasure of running at Møn in “Klinteskoven”...

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Skåla rett opp – up up and just up

Posted by on aug 22, 2013

Skåla rett opp is an uphill race covering 8,2k with 1 820m climb which gives and average assent of 22%. At Scottish 6 days I had a chat...

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The hunted, is now the hunter!

Posted by on jun 19, 2013

After been hunted in the wild by everything from snakes, kangaroos to a  moose, the luck for the local inhabitants in the forest have now...

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Jukola – classic finnish night fight

Posted by on jun 16, 2013

As for Tiomila, the BSK tactic was to go hard from the start – this time with the best man out first, and I had the pleasure running...

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Knock-over and out

Posted by on jun 4, 2013

I have run a few knockout sprints this year and have enjoyed it a lot. I knocked out a few runners in Bergen and got some great knock out...

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