Why Just Go... When You Can RunO


Posted by on aug 19, 2010

A 9 leg relay the Danish equivalent of Tiomila and Jukola… though only with 38 teams at the start line. My club Tisvilde looked really...

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Danish Champs W-end

Posted by on apr 25, 2010

After 1½ month where I have gone from one problem to another ranging from food poisoning, a sprained ankle, an asthma diagnosis to an...

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Night Orienteering

Posted by on apr 24, 2010

Location: Grenå Plantage (DEN), The winter is over and with that the night O-season as well. Though with Tiomila looming in the near...

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Danish Relay and Long Distance Champs

Posted by on sep 13, 2009

One again I managed to get my self sick after the Danish Middle distance Champs. So the preparation before the weekend has been limited to...

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Danish Middle distance Champs – Gødding

Posted by on aug 29, 2009

It has been a much longer summer than anticipated. After the set back of not being selected to the primary goal in 2009 WOC in Hungary, I...

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