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Danish spring 2014 – European Orienteering Champs Portugal 2014 selection races

Posted by on mar 23, 2014

EOC Portugal 2014 selection races, first race of the year. Feeling fit but will the navigation skills be sharp enough?

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Birken – nothing is as bad as it not good for something

Posted by on mar 16, 2014

In Norway everyone knows about "Birken" or Birkebeinerrennet a 54k classic style cross-country skiing race from Rena to Lillehammer. Approximately 18 000 skiers participate in the race an fight for the "merke", a prize pin for the top 20% or so in each age class. Rumours are that you are not a good Norwegian skier before you accomplice a merke in Birken.

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Møn a Danish beauty

Posted by on sep 15, 2013

Precious metal weekend in Denmark Once again – I as an orienteer had the pleasure of running at Møn in “Klinteskoven”...

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Skåla rett opp – up up and just up

Posted by on aug 22, 2013

Skåla rett opp is an uphill race covering 8,2k with 1 820m climb which gives and average assent of 22%. At Scottish 6 days I had a chat...

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The hunted, is now the hunter!

Posted by on jun 19, 2013

After been hunted in the wild by everything from snakes, kangaroos to a  moose, the luck for the local inhabitants in the forest have now...

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